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Five Top-Notch Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

Five Top-Notch Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

An air conditioner that malfunctions and breaks down on a sweltering day in August or a heater that won’t turn on during a blizzard in January are two predicaments that no one wants to find themselves in. As much as you may want to avoid these kinds of experiences, they are dilemmas that people find themselves in when HVAC systems are routinely checked on and maintained.

To keep anxiety and worry away in the greater Los Angeles area, you must be proactive and take control of your home. The steady state of your HVAC systems depends entirely on your ability to maintain everything. If you aren’t sure where to begin, don’t worry – it is not your job to be an expert; we can leave that up to California’s certified HVAC technicians. However, as a homeowner, you will want to be active in maintaining your heating and cooling systems.

Regular Cleaning of the Unit & Air Filters

Living in California means lots of different things, but the one thing all residents know is that air conditioning is non-negotiable. Keeping your home cool is a priority with the beautiful, warm weather majority of the year. In order to make sure your AC unit is in good condition, you will want to commit to routine cleaning of any dust and debris on, in, or around your system.

Your air filters are a large part of the air quality in your home, and everyone wants to have the best quality of air in constant circulation. Filters should be checked out and changed regularly – it is generally recommended that this happens every three months. If you have dogs and cats running around the house, you should change it sooner; if possible, those should be checked and switched out every two months.

Open Those Air Vents

The majority of us have been led to believe that closing their air vents will lower their energy bills, but that is the exact opposite of the truth. Closing your vents is one of the worst things to do when it comes to your heating and cooling bills. Closing off your vents creates a situation where pressure builds inside and creates a blockage for cool air to travel – this will significantly decrease your unit’s performance.

Closing your air vents can cause damage to your AC unit and ductwork, and this will result in the need for repairs. So, open those vents and take that added pressure off your HVAC system. This will help to increase the lifespan of your unit and continue to support the maintenance of everything.

Discontinue Any Drafts & Seal Off the Property

Sealing off your home is something we are used to, but sometimes it can be nice to open some windows and crack the back door to air out the house or enjoy the California weather. This is also something that causes our homes to lose the AC pumping through them – any kind of leaking air causes your HVAC systems to work on overdrive to compensate for the change in temperature and atmosphere.

Ensure you do not have your chimney open; windows and doors are sealed off correctly and monitor these throughout the year. Weatherstrips can help cold and warm air stay indoors; your HVAC system will thank you! Double-check your attic and basement for any cracks or possible obstructions that could cause an air leak, and you will even want to inspect your electrical outlets too!

Inspect Your Air Ducts

This may be the one thing you would instead not do, but it is one of the most critical parts of maintaining your HVAC unit. Air ducts should be checked frequently and have them cleaned annually. Your vents and duct system can become clogged up with dirt, dust, and debris, just like your air filters, and if it is not taken care of – it can lead to unpleasant odors, mold, and mildew and prevent airflow throughout your home.

Sometimes your ducts can leak, and any leaks within your ductwork can cost a ton of energy, resulting in sky-high energy bills at the end of every month. You will have to put in a little elbow grease to inspect our ductwork, so make sure you prioritize safety; if this is not something you can complete, it is best to put your trust in experienced HVAC technicians for inspections, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

Commit to Regular Tune-ups with HVAC Experts

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The most straightforward way to maintain your heating and cooling systems is to team up with someone that knows what they are doing. Universal Heating & Air in Los Angeles, California, provides and suggests annual inspections for all HVAC units to ensure they are at their peak performance and will remain that way. Your air conditioner functions much like a person – they need a little love and attention every now and then.

Universal Heating & Air supplies elite HVAC maintenance plans to upkeep your home’s ecosystem. While there are always things that you can do to ensure your AC is running as cold as you prefer, sometimes a little help to maintain everything can make your life easier.

Your HVAC system is your responsibility, but it is meant to serve your home and provide ample heating and cooling for a lifetime. Routine check-ups are a simple solution to what may seem like a complicated procedure but take it upon yourself to complete regular tune-ups to ensure the efficiency of your heating and cooling!


Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor, a mechanical engineer, has been a part of our team for many years. With over a decade of experience in HVAC systems design and implementation, he brings a technical yet accessible approach to his writing. His previous roles in management at tech startups have given him a keen insight into innovative HVAC solutions. Brian is an advocate for energy efficiency and regularly volunteers for community programs aimed at improving home energy use. His interest in technology extends to his hobbies, where he enjoys building custom computer systems.

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