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When was the last time you took a good long look at your house? If your home has begun looking tired and drab or messy and unkempt, it’s time to work on your curb appeal.

Some people think that curb appeal is only important if you’re selling your house, but there are always benefits to improving yours. Good curb appeal sends the message that your home is loved and well cared for, that you have pride in your house and that you’re willing to put in the work to make it beautiful.

However, day after day of going in and out of your home makes it easy for even the homeowners with the best intentions to overlook their curb appeal. Before you know it, things have gotten out of hand.

If you’re looking to improve your curb appeal, whether to sell or for your own peace of mind, there are plenty of tasks, big and small, to get your home looking its best. Follow these tips, and soon you’ll be the envy of the entire neighbourhood.

Talk to Your Real Estate Agent

If you are looking to improve your curb appeal before selling, it’s always worth it to discuss your plans with your real estate agent. A good local real estate agent will be aware of local trends and may have advice on what updates and upgrades are more worth your energy, effort and money. If you’re looking to improve your Oshawa home, make sure you ask the top real estate agents in Oshawa before you get started.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Lawn care is an essential task no matter what your plans for your home are, but with busy lives, it can be easy to let it go just one more day. Letting your lawn care get out of hand can quickly have an adverse effect on your curb appeal.

Regular maintenance, such as pulling weeds, watering and mowing your grass, and raking and edging your lawn, are essential to keeping your home looking neat and tidy. If you have dead spots on your property, put some fresh sod in, and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful, cared-for lawn to be proud of.

Freshen Up Your Front Door

Nothing makes a better first impression than a beautiful, bright front door. If yours is worn down and not functioning correctly, it’s time for an upgrade. But otherwise, you should be able to get away with sanding and painting it. A new coat of paint on the front door can really brighten the whole exterior of your house.

Add Lighting

A dark home makes people want to turn around and walk away. Welcome people at any time of day with outdoor lighting. It can be used strategically to highlight your home’s best features. Illuminate walkways, add safety and security to your front porch, or add charm with fairy lights.

Implement these tips, and your home will welcome visitors or potential buyers and give you a new sense of pride in your house.

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