Very little compares to the joy and satisfaction of cooking a meal in the comfort and sanctuary of your own home. Whether you are a single person making food for yourself through the week or cooking for friends on the weekend, or you are a parent who holds down a job and feeds the family at the same time, cooking is a journey. Like any journey, the tools you use along the way are paramount to your overall success.

When it comes to cooking, what you use makes a huge impact on how you cook! The quality of your cooking does come from time and practice, however, having the right kind of tools and the right quality can make this journey much easier. If you have been cooking for years and are looking to refresh your kitchenware with a new pot set, or maybe you are making your first attempts at cuisine creation, here is everything you need to know!

What To Look For

Most people have their earliest memories of cooking tied to some kind of parental figure who prepared home cooked meals regularly. Whether that was a mother, father, or even grandmother or grandfather, these memories of food are oftentimes associated with life, love, and happiness. Yes, your grandmother learned how to make her famous pot roast over years, and years of experience, but her secret wasn’t entirely in the recipe.

As anyone who has spent significant time in a kitchen will tell you, the quality of your tools matters a great deal. A good knife, a dependable pot, and a trusty mixer, all take on their own little personalities and characteristics. This isn’t unjustified sentimentality either, when you do a lot of cooking, you use these tools over and over and get to know them. What’s exciting about cooking is that you use the same tools to make so many different styles of food.

One pot can make a limitless amount of flavor profiles and combinations. Food is such an exciting way of not only sharing your life with others but also experiencing different walks of life. There are so many different kinds of food like Mediterranean, Mexican, German, American, and Chinese – each style of food can be experienced within the confines of your home.

So when you look for the new kitchen gear, you want something that you can grow to rely on and trust. A piece of equipment that will grow with you and give you reliable performance no matter how many times you use it and no matter how many different kinds of food you make with it.

The benefits of a good pot set can’t be overstated. Here are some of the top things to look for.

Non-Stick Design

Non-stick is a luxury characteristic of cooking equipment and one that can make your life so much easier. The problem with a lot of low-quality non-stick products is that they utilize cheap Teflon and lesser materials that deteriorate quickly. Anyone who has ever purchased a lower-quality nonstick pot or pan knows that sinking feeling when after only a few uses, their food starts to stick and burn easily.

By purchasing cookware that is designed down to its core elements to be non-stick, you can ensure that you are getting a quality that will last. Non-stick designs make achieving things like pan-searing steak and salmon incredibly easy and efficient. Not only that but sauteing softer produce like vegetables is a breeze in a non-stick pan.

Evenly Heated

After non-stick, the next feature of a high-quality pot or pan to look for is going to be the way that it evenly heats. Pots that don’t have a quality of build to heat evenly can make cooking more tedious than it needs to be. If you’ve ever tried to cook a piece of meat and had to constantly shift it around the pan to the ‘hot’ parts of the metal, you know how frustrating this can be. A quality pot or pan will evenly distribute heat and hold it well.

Oven and Dishwasher Safe

The last two features you want to be on the lookout for are an oven-safe and dishwasher-safe set of pots and pans. Being able to transition a pot from the stovetop to the oven is incredibly convenient. With a pan that can handle up to 500 degrees in the oven, your options and versatility of what you can cook expand on a significant level. Another component of convenience is a pot and pan set that can be easily and safely placed in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning up an absolute breeze to clean, especially when paired with its non-stick feature which also makes it easy to clean.


Learning how to prepare and cook food is a journey that will last a person their entire life. It’s a deeply rewarding skill to build and it’s one that a person will continue to hone and improve with every dish. Finding a quality pot set will only help to make this journey even better in ways that you won’t believe you ever lived without.


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