Cramped kitchen spaces are disgusting. It’s the point when there are no more empty shelves in your cabinet, and the counter is filled up. And then, the kitchen starts to feel dysfunctional. Needless to say, take your time and assess your storage systems. Do all your appliances fit in? This is the sole way of figuring out how to maximize space.

But this battle goes beyond that, and it’s not like stealing candy from a toddler. It calls for innovative storage ideas and ingenuity to create perfect solutions. Check out how a pantry might be of help. Try incorporating shelves into your kitchen. Again, kitchen carts or trolley islands can be useful. Regardless, it’s all about organization. In the long run, it gets you items that will help you out and the steps mentioned below.

Make use of additional cabinets.

Cabinets make the kitchen space look more artistic. They provide enough storage space. Besides, they are perfect for reducing the number of items that are scattered all over the place. Cabinets are also space-convenient. You can place them on top of your burner and freezer.

Consider purchasing a cabinet with a small series of drawers atop. They are useful when you need to store rarely-used goods. Retractable drawers may be similarly added beneath cabinets. As a result, you get more kitchen storage capacity in just one piece. Lastly, cabinets are differently sized. So, you can buy any size depending on the number of items you need to store. Also, try matching cabinet colors to the color scheme of your kitchen.

How about some inbuilt shelving for inbuilt storage?

Inbuilt shelves may take your kitchen organization to another dimension. Introducing a cabinet may not be feasible for the area you’re working with. In that case, make the most of it by introducing cabinet pull out shelves. This makes the organization easier. Again, they will fit into any kitchen layout without making it look cluttered.

Try out some kitchen carts with a trolley.

Kitchen carts with a trolley that is fitted with cupboards are going to make your life easy. That resounds like more storage, a dining bar, and ease of movement all in one go. I must say, Auspoint makes their kitchen carts with trolley attractive. It’s not just about the wheels; it’s the storage space they offer. Additionally, you can move them to any place you see fit.

However, the decision is based on the desired outcome. Take a look at your kitchen layout and figure out which one of the ten trolleys that Auspoint offers will fit on it. The kitchen dictates their own needs.

Nonetheless, a kitchen cart trolley is a nice place to set up a coffee bar. A coffee maker will just do fine on top of it, while all your supplies, on the other hand, are kept inside the cart. And who says you can’t improvise? On the sides of the trolley, you can drill plenty of holes to act as anchor points for hooks.

This way, you get to hook up any of your kitchenware. Be it pans, cups, knives, or mugs, still magnet boards can be fixed to them if you lack a place to attach your steel or iron tools.

How do multipurpose wall storage cabinets sound to you?

Unfortunately, most houses for rent have no cabinet storage. Kitchens are usually small-sized, and adding a cabinet makes them look cramped.

Investing in a kitchen cabinet won’t hurt unless you don’t need a wall storage unit. Anyhow, the cabinet you invest in should not be kitchen-specific. It would be best if it could fit in any place. You can repurpose it if you move into houses with already built-in cabinet storage.

Would a pegboard be worth a try?

Yes, with a pegboard, your wall can hold more than you could possibly imagine. Be it pans, pots, or other kitchenware.  Rather than hanging a bunch of limited-space shelves. Irrefutably, they are flexible and can fit into any space. Also, you can adjust them whenever you feel they are occupying the wrong place.

What are the odds of foldable chairs for space organization?

Foldable chairs are your best chance of having an almost empty kitchen floor. You will not sit in your kitchen the whole day, so why don’t you pack and hang your seat when you leave? All you’ve got to do is find a place to hang them, observe the space left, and don’t forget to give yourself a thumbs up!

Wrapping up

So that’s it, ladies and gentlemen. Improvisation, investing, and thoughtfulness equal having a kitchen space created out of nothing. Admittedly, it’s hard work, but it sure pays off.


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