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The Benefits of Creating an Online Shop With Home Decor Website Templates

A calm and cozy atmosphere in the house is a priority for most people because this factor influences human wellness, mental health, internal state, and other important moments. That is why they always want to buy high-quality furniture, incredible interior decorations, awesome lights, and other stuff to make a fantastic atmosphere in their living place. If you own a shop selling such products, you need to be closer to your targeted audience and showcase your assortment. You may already know that creating a website is the best way to be visible to your potential clients and sell goods online. But how to build it without spending much time and money but getting an outstanding result? Shopify home decor themes are your perfect solution to achieve this goal with minimum effort. And by reading this article, you will know how to use them to your benefit.

A Variety of Home Decor Website Templates

Modern entrepreneurs don’t want to spend much time building a site because they have numerous other business tasks. For this reason, the demand for ready-made templates has grown up. The digital market offers various content management systems (CMS) that allow business owners to easily and quickly create a professional web presence without additional help. Among them are PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, OpenCart, and WooCommerce. They differ in designs and functionality, but all contain everything needed to build an eCommerce project for selling online. The leader of this list is Shopify, which is an excellent solution for a successful start. It boasts above one million users worldwide and powers more than 600 000 online shops. This platform is popular due to its simplicity of use and a set of quality instruments for building, managing, and promoting goods on the Internet. You can learn more about this solution in this article. But right now, it is time to get inspired by the ideas of awesome designs of house decoration shops and find out how to make your project no less impressive.

Ideas for Creating A Stunning eCommerce Website With Home Decor Website Templates

Each business in the niche of goods for interior design aims to bring comfort and coziness to people’s houses. That is why the web shop selling such goods should cause the same feelings and associations. When a visitor opens your pages, he expects to feel relaxed and calm while choosing the needed carpet, lamp, or wall picture. The well-designed Shopify theme can help you create such a pleasant atmosphere. Besides, due to embedded instruments and features, you easily customize it even if you are not a pro in programming or web development. The layouts are already prepared, so you don’t need to waste time thinking about coding or the site’s visual appearance. You just fill them with photos of things for house coziness you sell, their descriptions with info of what they are made from, prices, and other content needed for a complete webshop. Check out two examples of well-designed and effective websites based on home decor design templates and take some ideas from them.

Example #1:

It is a global house decorations chain that sells 22 million goods. This site impresses with its fast loading, even considering a huge assortment. The product search is streamlined due to the vertical menu placed on the left side of the page, so there is nothing that can complicate the shopping process. Looking at the design users see opening this webshop, you can notice three well-placed banners for promoting bestsellers, discounts, or new arrivals. It serves as an attractive visual trick for encouraging people to stay on this web presence to browse for more. A search bar available for a product seeking from the first seconds of opening the page makes the project functional and customer-friendly. So, for these reasons, Wayfair is popular and profitable, which stands it out from competitors.

The way to create a site like

Walden – Furnishing Online Supermarket

It is an outstanding solution with fitted functionality, and an elegant design will help you achieve all your purposes. The homepage contains four places for photos of bestsellers, new arrivals, or product categories. By clicking on the picture, the user will automatically go to the chosen page and see the relevant goods. This theme also contains a search bar conveniently placed below the menu, so potential clients can write the desired item’s name and quickly move to the needed product category. The website’s effectiveness using this asset is also attributable to its built-in options like mega menu, Ajax cart, product badges, sorting, and more. Due to the rich UI kit and color switcher, you can achieve a unique look to stand out from the crowd.


  • intuitive admin panel;
  • fully responsive;
  • SEO-optimized;
  • JQuery;
  • Bootstrap;
  • mobile-friendly;
  • Google fonts;
  • multi-currency;
  • web forms;
  • multilingual support;
  • Google map;
  • documentation.

Example #2:

It is a website of the manufacturer of mattresses made of natural materials that have an outstanding visual appearance and functionality. When people open it, they see a big banner that showcases the offer attractively. The menu on the page’s upper part provides convenient navigation that lets the user find the needed product category quickly. By scrolling down the homepage, he sees the bestsellers, fan favorites, and the most luxurious goods of the manufacturer. A great combination of photos, texts, prices, and order buttons, creates a complete picture of the company that causes the feeling of comfort and reliability.

The way to create a site like

Furniture and Interior Design Template

This template is a perfect solution for selling tables, chairs, beds, and other furniture and house decoration elements. A fully responsive design lets a big banner of the homepage and other content adapt to any device’s screen, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Thus, when people open your web presence and see awesome views of comfortable furniture or stunning wall pictures, they start desiring to have them in their living place. In addition, well-structured layouts help a business owner present his goods from the best side that will positively affect the sales. Also, due to the mega menu and Ajax cart, clients can rapidly find the needed product and add it to the cart without reloading the page. Such a great site experience provides customers with a pleasant shopping process and makes them happy.


  • Bootstrap;
  • admin panel;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • valic semantic code;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • performance optimization;
  • product carousel;
  • sorting options;
  • Google map;
  • Parallax;
  • Google fonts;
  • documentation.

Start Creating Your Online Store With Home Decor Shopify Themes

Building a successful online store is an easy process using ready-made themes from TemplateMonster. You don’t need to have technical skills to customize the designs the way you need. Due to embedded options and features, you get a fully-functional eCommerce website for selling your house decorations on the Internet. Refer to the left sidebar with categories to quickly find the most suitable solution and embark on creating a powerful online store!

How to Install and Publish Your Shopify Theme: Video Guide

If you use a ready-made template for the first time, you may be worried about starting to work with it. Check out this video guide on installing your theme and employing the interface. By viewing the preparation process, learning more about the template package content, nuances of uploading and publishing, and methods of adding images to a placeholder, you will feel more confident about coming site creation. So, don’t delay entering the digital market and cover a wide audience of potential clients!


Which home decor website templates are better – free or premium?

Free assets are available and don’t require any fee for their use. They are good for trying this kind of digital product and practicing customizing. However, such items are not unique, and embedded features are limited, which don’t let you build a high-quality web presence. That is why most business owners prefer premium products because of their uniqueness, wide range of features, high performance, and fast loading speed. Besides, they come with proper technical support that simplifies your online store building process.

How to make home decor website templates more visible on Google?

SEO-friendly code in each asset helps your webshop take higher ratings in the search engines. You can improve your SEO and keep high positions in the search results by regularly adding unique content with keywords related to your industry.

What are the benefits of responsive home decor website templates?

A responsive template means its design will adapt to all types of devices automatically. Thus, media and text content will display perfectly regardless of the gadget’s screen size.

Can I customize home decor Shopify website templates without technical skills?

You are free to customize any theme from TemplateMonster because it is ready-made and comes with an intuitive admin panel. This tool allows any entrepreneur to fill the layouts with their content easily. Coding or web development skills are not needed.

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