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How To Reset Ring Doorbell WiFi? – Step-By-Step Guide


If you are looking for ways to reset ring doorbell wifi then you have landed on the right page. In today’s world, everything and every new appliance which comes up in the market for the consumers are made in such a way that it helps the consumer to get their work done quickly as much as possible. Everyone is in a rush to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. They are so busy with money-making that they even do not care about their health also. Manufacturers who manufacture daily used items for the people take advantage of it. As people want to do their work very quickly, manufacturers take this to produce some goods which can do the desired action.

There are many appliances available in the market out there, which we use daily. They help us to achieve our work very quickly. For example, washing machine, toaster, dishwasher, and many more things. We all use this in our houses, and it helps to get our work done in no time. As we all want to have a lavish lifestyle and want to earn money more and more, we all are also concerned with our security very much. We want to keep ourselves secure and want to secure our home too. Therefore, we use many kinds of security appliances for our houses. CCTV cameras, electrical fences, sensors, and many more things.

Innovation in Doorbells

We all have doorbells in our houses. As technology has evolved, all our appliances have also evolved to a great extent. Similar is the case with doorbells. Now doorbells have become more advanced and smarter. Video doorbells are one of the best examples for us. They have now evolved to a great extent. You can now see who is outside of your house. This makes the security tougher and saves you from getting caught by the unknown persons. Not only can you see them, but you can also talk with them.

This is a too much thing to have in a doorbell. Many manufacturers are there who manufacture the video doorbells but, Ring is the best of them. They have a wide range of video doorbells for you, and each of them has its unique features, and they are all products that are very durable and efficient. For those who have ring doorbells in their house, we have something for them. In this article, we are going to discuss the most common problem every single person who has ring doorbells suffers.

The problem is that how do they reset their ring doorbell’s WiFi. We have seen many people going through this and do not know how to do it. Therefore, we are here for their help. In this article, we will be discussing what a ring doorbell is and some more things related to it so that we have enough understanding of the ring doorbells. Then we will discuss how to reset its WiFi, and after reading this article, you will be able to reset your ring doorbells WiFi easily. So, let us start now.

What are Ring Video Doorbells?

Reset Ring Doorbell Wifi

The Ring has a wide range of doorbells. To understand how we can reset the WiFi of the ring doorbells, it will be wise if we have an overall view of the ring video doorbells. This will help us to understand more about it, and then we will be able to fix its problem with ease. If we talk about its working, then it is quite fast and straightforward.

It first gets connected to your WiFi, and to connect it from your WiFi, and you must download their official app. Through this app, you can take a look at your doorstep, and if you are not on your phone but something fishy happens at your house, then the doorbell will send you a notification about it to alert you. But, when you will get the ring doorbell for your home, you must connect it to a power source also. You can do it either by batteries or by the wire.

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Its installation is also quite simple, and it can be mounted on any surface, whether it is your wall or glass, it does not matter at all. Since we have known about how it works and where it can be mounted now, we will be able to understand how to reset the WiFi of ring doorbells very easily. So, let us start discussing how to reset ring doorbell WiFi.

Way to reset WiFi of your ring doorbell

You must reset your ring doorbells WiFi only if you are having trouble while connecting to it, or you have shifted to a new house. This situation will get you in this situation where you must reset the WiFi of your Ring doorbell. The reset process is not a tough task to do, but you must be more attentive while doing it. We have discussed the way to reset your ring doorbell WiFi effortlessly so that you do not have any problem understanding it.


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To reset the WiFi of your ring video doorbells, you have first to set it to the setup mode. Only after setting it to the setup mode, you will be able to reset the WiFi of your Ring doorbell.

To attain the setup mode, you must follow the given instructions, and after that, we will know about the reset of WiFi.

  • To go into the setup mode, you must press the orange button for few times. If you are going to put a new ring doorbell, then you will find the orange button on the back of your ring doorbell, and if you already have installed it, then you have to unscrew it and take it out to find the orange button.
  • After pressing the orange button, your device will enter the setup mode, which will be confirmed by the light spinning in front of your Ring doorbell.
  • If this is not what you get, then you must press the orange button for at least 15 seconds.
  • The light will flash at the front of your ring doorbell, which indicates it is restarting.
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes and then again retry the setup process by pressing the orange button briefly.

Now, you have completed the procedure to put your ring doorbell in the setup mode. It is essential to do so, and it does not matter if you are mounting it for the first time, or you are just having a connection problem. One thing we should mention here is that if you are installing your ring doorbell for the first time, then right after you have switched it on, the ring doorbell will automatically go into the setup mode. Then you do not have to press the orange button anymore to put it into the setup mode as it is already in the setup mode.

Now, we will tell you about how you can change the WiFi of your Ring doorbell. This will also not take much effort from you but be more attentive while doing this as this requires attention and precautions as well. So, let us start now.

How to change the WiFi networks for your ring doorbell

If you have a ring doorbell for the first time, then this will be a little bit of techy work for you, but if you are using ring doorbell from more time, then it will not seems any difficult for you. Let us quickly get to the steps to change the WiFi for your ring doorbell.

  • If you are a new customer of Ring, then what you have to do is go to the app store of your smartphone and install the official ring app on your smartphone and after it gets downloaded, open it and If you already have this app, then make it open.
  • After opening the app, select the device, you are resetting from the list of the ring devices available in their app.
  • After selecting your device on the app, go to the device health option available on the app.
  • After selecting the device’s health, a new screen will open, and you must select the option of change WiFi from the list of options.

In some devices there, you will see the option of reconnecting to WiFi as well. After you select the option, then you must press the orange button again to end the WiFi setup process.

Wrapping Up

That is how you will reset your ring doorbell WiFi. I hope this will help you to get your work done in no time, and this will also help you to avoid all the hectic work you may have done if you have started the resetting your ring doorbell WiFi on your own. Once your device gets connected to your WiFi of either your smartphone or of your house, the ring doorbell will start giving you the live telecast of your doorstep at your smartphone. Now, you can enjoy the features of the ring doorbell while sitting inside your house.

You do not even have to go to the doors to check who is out there slightly open the app and check who is outside, and if needed them, you can also have a conversation with them. I hope this article helps you to get your work done. We have also followed the steps to check if we are doing it right or not. Therefore, you do not have to worry about its authenticity and working. Must reset your ring doorbell WiFi but do not know how? Then this is for you. Read this article to know the steps to reset your ring doorbell WiFi and many more beneficial tips.

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