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Why Is My Simplisafe Base Red

Why Is My Simplisafe Base Red

Home security has become a new trend now. You will find a lot of home security services out there, and they all will claim that they are the ones who can take care of your house more than anyone else. This is nothing but a market strategy to get as many costumers as possible. Everyone claims that they are the best, and they have more important features than anyone else.

Home security services have evolved a lot as time has passed. As we are heading towards our future, things are becoming more and more technology-driven and require minimal workforce as well. This has made us all dependent on technology for almost everything we do in our lives daily.

Food wending machine, smart homes, smart security services, and many more things have become so popular in this time, and people are using them without any hesitation as the technology have always saved the time of the people since it was used for helping the humanity. Talking about smart homes and security services, many names own these names.

Simplisafe is one of them. They have pioneered the art of smart home and smart security services. They build their devices, which can make your house safe and can help you monitor everything happening in your house irrespective of your location around your house. In this article, we are going to discuss and answer some common problems of SimpliSafe every person deals with.

Introduction to Simplisafe

Simplisafe Home Security

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Before we directly jump into the conclusion and finish off the topic of discussion in just a few words, it will be wise if we try to understand the SimpliSafe more. This will not only gives us an insight into the SimpliSafe but will also enhance our understanding related to the SimpliSafe so that we can be able to solve most of its problems by own.

This will be a great thing as there are some problems in almost every appliance which seems harsh to solve. As a result, we call the customer service and end up giving them a lot of money, and then we realize that the problem was not so big as we thought and can be fixed by us as well. Therefore we should try to understand our appliances more and more to take care of them and be able. To solve the problems by ourselves.

Simplisafe has a wide range of products to serve you to give your house the best security services you can ever have. They have power-packed tools and equipment to cover everything related to the security of your house. They not only cover the manly threats but also helps you to get even environmental protection.

This means that you will get notified when something fishy happens to your house. Also, of that, you will get notified if, for example, a fire breaks out at your home or smokes begins to cover your house from inside or any of those accidents related to the environment.

This is like the overall protection of your house, and this is far more than just the ordinary security services. They often Introduce new equipment regularly and updates their equipment as well. This will make you stay updated, and your notification related to the burglary will also become more and more enhanced and efficient.

Their sensors are so good that it can distinguish between a glass been broken out and a plate been broken so that you get notifications and alarms only when there is something wrong, not every time someone cracked your vas. Their keypad is also something you can hide whenever you want, and addition of that, you can also spot the keypad easily due to the inbuilt light system which lights up keypad when the sun is down.

Simplisafe Base Station

This is one of the vital equipment you will get with the SimpliSafe whole tool kit. This, combined with all the other equipment, will make sure that your house is in a secured hand. A base station is a central system among all the equipment.

It controls all the equipment and alerts the owner if something’s wrong happens. The base station, along with Emergency Dispatch Service, has the responsibility to alarm the owner and the authorities whenever accidents happen.

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Along with the alarms, a base station also has voice prompts, which activates itself on its daily usage. It also sounds an alarm system in case of any accidents. Its siren is audible enough to listen if you are in the house but, if you want your siren to be louder so that your neighbors can also be able to hear it in case of any accidents, then you can also buy the louder one.


What most people find confusing is the place where they can install their base stations. This is something that requires logical thinking and some basic knowledge of the device, and then you are ready to go. The base station and the keypad are the two things that should be installed in such a way that distance between them should be between the range of 10 to 100 feet.

The base station can be mounted according to the keypad. The keypad is the one that is used most. Therefore, we should place it somewhere where we visit the most. We will recommend you to place it near the door you visit the most as it will be more convenient for you.

What SimpliSafe base red color indicates

You must have noticed the light at the base of the SimpliSafe. What this color says is still be a matter of discussion for you. Let us first tell you that there is nothing to worry about as this is normal and it is just an indication to tell you something. So, let us understand what each color wants to tell us.

Blinking Red

If the light is blinking slowly, then it means that the connection of your system is weak, or your system is facing some errors like the failure of the sensor, power loss, short circuits, etc. But, if it is blinking fast, then this means that your system is alarming you for something. Something wrong is happening, and it needs to be checked instantly.

When red light starts blinking, then more detailed instructions are sent to your keypad regarding the issues; therefore, it is necessary to visit the keypad also before you take any action.

Solid Red

When you just a solid red color without blinking, then this means that the cellular module of your base station is not connected correctly.

There are saying that the red color is the sign of something wrong, or you need to be alert, but this is not the case with the SimpliSafe. Not always, there will be an alarming issue if you see a red color on your SimpliSafe. Once you diagnosed the issue, then restarting your system can be a good thing to do. This will make your system work again after the fresh start.

Once you are sure that you have diagnosed the issue and there are no more problems, then you can turn off the lights. There is a straight forward action which you can use to turn off the red light.

But, remember, you must have diagnosed the issue; otherwise, you will end up getting into trouble, which will be worse than before. To turn off the light, press the “Menu” button, and then enter the pin and scroll down to select the option of “Exit.” That’s it. You are done now.

Other light indicators

There is not only the red color which you will see on your system, but there are more colors also which you will see on the system, and they also convey some messages to you. Let us see what those colors are and what they want to tell us.

Blue light

It gives information regarding the term “activation.” This can be of either an armed or disarmed system. This will tell you whether your device is armed or not depending on the cue of the light; you can determine what this indicates.

White light

When you are entering something on the keypad or when your keypad is receiving some inputs, then you will see this white light on your base station. It is the response to the user inputs, and when it is ready to receive some inputs from the keypad, it turns up white.

Yellow light

When the base station connects to the network to communicate or access information, then it turns the light yellow.

That’s enough details you can have regarding the light of your base station. I hope this article will help you to get rid of your problem and will make you prepared to tackle the problems.


At last, what we have concluded in this article is that your base station and keypad should be connected intimately, and there is should be a shorter distance between them for practical benefits. The base station often shows different lights, and they all have something to say, and the red light doesn’t mean that something is wrong and alarming.

Some issues should be treated now that are conveyed from the lights. For more detailed information on the issue can be seen in the keypad. Once you know what the problem is, you can also solve the problem on your own as this is not something that requires a professional. After the diagnosis of the problem, you should turn off the lights as well, but only when the diagnosis is over.

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Susan Hart
Susan Hart, with a background in Electrical Engineering, has been at the forefront of safety and security system innovations for 15 years. Her experience includes working with leading security firms, where she played a key role in developing advanced home security solutions. She is also deeply involved in community safety programs, volunteering her expertise to enhance local security measures. In quieter moments, she enjoys pottery, merging her technical precision with artistic expression. She is a great marathon runner, reflecting her dedication and endurance in her professional and personal life.

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