If you’ve got a loved one who has recently bought a property, you can do more than just pass on your best wishes. When they get their keys to the front door and move in, it will take time for their house to become a home. There are certain items that can add a personal touch and help your loved ones settle in quicker and feel more at home.

Once you’ve got your housewarming invitation, it’s time to look at sentimental gifts you can buy. Don’t worry about scouring the web for ideas, we have you covered. Here are some thoughtful gives that your loved one is sure to appreciate.

Engraved Cutting Board

Cutting boards. We all need one! Whether you love cooking or not, they’re designed to protect your countertops and make food prep that little bit easier. To show how much you care, why not give your loved one an engraved cutting board? You could engrave the date of their move or put a cute personal message. Whatever you decide on, they’re sure to appreciate this gift!

Custom Tea Towel

As well as a cutting board, your loved one is going to need plenty of tea towels in their kitchen. After all, there’s tons of mess to be made when making meals! A custom tea towel is an excellent personalized gift that your loved one will love. Mary’s Kitchen Towels sells custom tea towels. They specialize in digital printed tea towels and screen-printed tea towels. You can choose from a wide range of colors, paints, and even put a photo on one!

Potted Money Tree

When a loved one moves into a new home, understandably, you’ll want to wish them all the luck in the world. While words mean a lot, why not purchase a potted money tree too? When housed in the right location of a home, a money tree means good fortune and prosperity. A potted money tree is a fantastic indoor foliage plant that will give their home a tropical feel.

Scented Candle

Nothing makes a home cozier than a scented candle. As you walk through the door, the gorgeous smells that derive from a candle can instantly make your loved ones feel at home. The great thing about scented candles is they come in all different smells and have an array of benefits too. From lavender to vanilla, honey to jasmine, the choice is truly endless. What’s more, they don’t have to cost a fortune! Whether you turn up with one or buy several that they can place around their home, your loved one will definitely appreciate this housewarming gift.

Welcome Mat

The primary purpose of a doormat is to take moisture and dirt from shoes and hold onto it, so the mess does not make its way into the home. If you have a loved one that’s recently moved, they may not even have got round to buying a mat yet. Should you rock up to their home and find there isn’t one there, it’s time to buy them a welcome mat. They come in all different types of designs, so try and get a feel for their personality and style. You could even write a little sentimental message that they’re bound to love.

Cheese Board Set

Who doesn’t like cheese? We’re a nation of cheese lovers! From cheddar to mozzarella, brie to halloumi, Canadians all over the country love to indulge in this popular dairy delight. If your loved one is always known to snack on a piece of cheese, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a cheese board set as a housewarming gift. Whether they crack it open at their welcome party or use it for another occasion, this is definitely a gift that isn’t going to go to waste.

Personalized Keyring

What do you need to unlock a door? A key of course! As a homeowner yourself, you’ll know only too well how many keys you need to keep in one place. Whether it’s for the front door, back door, or car, your loved one is going to have all sorts of keys they’ll need to keep a close eye on. One wonderful housewarming gift you can buy is a personalized keyring. If you opt for this, they’ll always be holding onto your gift – literally!

Personalized Coffee Mug

Millions of us can’t go a day without our cup of coffee. In fact, Canadians drink coffee more than tap water! If your loved one needs their cup of joe to get through the door, why not buy a personalized coffee mug? You may want to be humorous and add a funny photo on their mug or put a sweet and touching message on it. Whatever you decide on, they’ll always be thinking of you as they reach for their coffee.

There’s more you can do than say congratulations to a new homeowner. When you arrive at their front door to say hello and check out their pad, bringing along any of the suggestions above is sure to put a smile on their face and add a sentimental touch.


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