It used to be that you could go to social media for inspiration and find something unique. But the more blogs there are, the more discerning and demanding the audience becomes.

Here’s what techniques are no longer surprising and how to add “spice” to them.

Open Shelves in the Kitchen

At first, open shelves with beautiful jars of cereals and decorations aroused curiosity and interest. Today, just about any instagram interior can boast them.

How to freshen up the idea? Bet on an interesting shelf shape, such as asymmetrical hanging or shelves in the form of cubes and rectangles. Experiment with color – not all shelves should be white and wooden, paint them bright blue, red or yellow. You can also replace the clear stock jars with the author’s ceramics.

Combination of White and Wood

It’s a fairly versatile and successful combination when it comes to the color of the walls and floor, kitchen set and countertop, bed frame and closet. But it’s already getting as old as retro live casino games. Although it may seem interesting, new things bring much more.

How to freshen up the idea? Pair it with wood in more sophisticated shades, such as deep gray, taupe, milk – paint manufacturers’ catalogs are literally bursting with a variety of interesting light shades. Don’t ignore them if you don’t want to live in a typical interior.

Decor With Faces

Faces on posters and vases were once a novelty, but now every other interior decor blogger has them.

How to freshen up the idea? Decorate and hang on the wall unique decor that no one else has: family photos, children’s drawings, artistic experiments of friends, collages and embroideries. And a face vase, if you already have one, can be painted with glass or ceramic paints.

Round White Table With Matching Chairs and Wicker Napkins

It’s another idea that is no longer unique. Not even a stylish tablecloth and multicolored cushions on the chairs will save a recognizable story.

How to refresh the idea? If you do not want to say goodbye to the existing furniture, then paint it in any colors that suit your interior. Multicolored chairs or a homemade print in the form of irregular stripes or polka dots will look interesting. Use Adobe tools to make your journey on Instagram much easier using tools like Instagram post generator.

If you just buy a dining set, pay attention to the tables with a table top made of natural wood with a texture that does not repeat or an interesting form of the pedestal or legs.


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