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1Movies – Watch Free TV Shows Online in 5 Easy Steps!


Are you tired of paying high subscription fees to the streaming channels to watch your favorite TV shows? Want to watch your desired TV shows online without downloading? Then 1Movies is the best option for you. 1Movies is an online platform that streams movies, TV shows, and web series. It has a huge database, and you will never have short of content.

1Movies streams TV shows and movies in multiple genres, making it a complete entertainment package. And all the stuff is available for FREE! Yes, 1Movies does not have registration and subscription fees. 1Movies is also highly compatible with browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer.

1Movies is a user-friendly website with easy-to-understand features and functions. You can either watch the shows online or download them. But a majority of the users prefer to watch the shows online.

So, how to watch TV shows online in 1Movies? Here are 5 easy steps to follow to watch TV shows online.

Step 1

Open your browser and surf the 1Movies website. There is a possibility that many of you would not be able to find the 1Movies website. 1Movies is a torrented website that streams proxy content. It works against anti-pirate laws. So, it is banned in countries, including India, the US, and Australia. But don’t worry! If you are not able to find the 1Movies website, then follow step 2

Step 2

Search for proxy sites that are replica of the 1Movies site run by the 1Movies itself. You can access the proxy sites on the internet easily. However, there might come a situation in which you are not able to find a proxy site. It is because proxy sites also stream copied content against the law, so it can be banned by the government anytime. In that case, you can download the VPN application. It is smart to change your device’s IP address to a country where 1Movies is working.

Step 3

Once you are on the 1Movies website, it has a search bar where you can search for your preferred TV show. You can search for a TV show based on genre, IMDb rating, release year, and top-watched shows using the filter option.

Step 4

Once you have selected your desired TV show, it will be required to sign up on the website. You don’t have to worry as this is completely safe. 1Movies will not ask much details. just enter only your email address for signing up.

Step 5

That is all! Now you can enjoy watching your favorite TV show online without interruption. However, some advertisements will pop-up in between the shows. If you need to watch the TV shows without any disruption, you can take 1Movies premium membership at $5 monthly. The premium subscription lets you enjoy watching your favorite TV shows hassle-free without any advertisements. The membership will also give you other benefits such as shows’ reviews and high-quality HD video.

Final Words

Now you know how easy it is to watch TV shows online. Isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Follow the above 5 easy steps to binge-watching your favorite TV shows on 1Movies without paying anything from your pocket. Enjoy watching!

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