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1Movies: An Ideal Streaming Platform


Are you bored with the ongoing pandemic? Have had enough of no friends, no outings, and no movie nights? Left with no source of entertainment? Don’t worry! We have 1Movies as the best option for you. 1Movies is one platform that has multiple media genres. You have movies, TV, and web series available in various languages in high definition at 1Movies.

You also don’t have to maintain an account to get an access to the content on 1Movies.

Moreover, the shows and films are trending and the most popular of all time.

There are very low chances that you get disappointed about not able to find a movie here. It is a user-centric website explicitly designed, keeping in mind the demands of users. So, don’t delay a second and plan your weekend with a popcorn bucket and close friends to witness the huge collection of entertainment.

Different types of media genres in 1Movies

Don’t get surprised by the collection of web series, movies, and TV shows genres available at 1Movies. The variety of genres available at this platform makes it ideal for the entire family. Whether it is a kid’s movie or animation or action movie you are crazy about, 1 Movies has all in store for you.

Here is the list of all the genres at 1Movies so that you do not miss any-

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • History
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Horror
  • Musical
  • Mystery
  • Mythological
  • Sport
  • Thriller
  • Kungfu
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Sport

For your convenience, a filter option is available to search for the desired content and get suggestions. You can easily discover any of your favorite shows with the help of a user-friendly interface, thus saving a lot of time. Once you land on the 1Movies website, you only have to search for the movie or series and download it. You can delete the downloaded content once you are done to save space.

Features of 1Movies

  • 1Movies is a great website with advanced features to give you an incredible experience and that too for FREE! Yes, you heard it right. You do not have to pay any subscription or registration fee to access the unprecedented collection of movies and series here.
  • One of the best features that 1Movies offers is downloading and watching movies or web series without limits.
  • It is a user-friendly website with regular updates to keep up with customers’ demands and give them a memorable experience.
  • With 1Movies, you can anytime browse through unlimited shows and movies. You can have free access to a variety of TV shows and movies in high definition here.
  • You need not have a subscription fee or sign up to download or live content as the website is free.
  • The website is organized to easily find the movies with the latest shows and movies highlighted on the home page.
  • 1Movies has an IMDb section that has all the top-rated movies in one place. Visit the section and explore the top-rated movies of your choice. Similarly, it has a ‘top-watched’ section where you will find the most-watched film of all time.
  • Each movie or show is available with a description, subtitles, and ratings for user’s convenience.
  • 1Movies also has a section where users can contact the website’s team and request adding a specific show or movie.

Why 1Movies?

One of the most striking features of 1Movies is that it has a vast collection of movies or TV shows and web series belonging to all times. One thing is for sure that you don’t have to switch to any other streaming platforms to binge your favorite shows if you have 1Movies. Also, 1Movies allow you to download the content on the local storage of your Android. Yes, other platforms have the limitation that downloaded content will only be available on that particular app, but this is not the case with 1Movies. You don’t have to sign up or download any application to access your favorite shows. All you have to do is to register on the website of 1Movies for free. You need not have to pay a single penny either to browse, download, or view the series.

Apart from Android, you can even surf the website through a laptop or computer. Adding to this, 1Movies is convenient for users to search for desired movies or shows either from the respective genres or search bar. The website is not at all clumsy, instead, it is quite appealing, and genre-wise distribution makes it even more attractive and convenient to use. 1Movies has always been superior owing to the wonderful streaming experience that it offers to the users. You can get the latest and trending content right on the home page of the website.

What are the benefits of having a premium membership of 1Movies?

Have you ever wondered how 1Movies deliver such a huge variety of content for you? What about the costs it has to incur to deliver such top-quality content to a large audience? Well, 1Movies cover streaming costs through advertisements. Yes, the website has a number of ads that you might quite frustrating in the middle of your favorite show.

Owing to this, 1Movies offers you an alternative to but its premium membership. You can take premium membership at 5$ per month of 1Movies and even a yearly subscription at a nominal amount. 1Movies has many advertisements on the website, which can sometimes become an interruption for the users. However, the premium membership would help you with unlimited content without any advertisements. Apart from this, it has additional benefits too-

  • The premium membership will let you access movies, web series, and TV shows with subtitles available in high quality. We often miss what actors are saying, especially if we are watching a movie or show in an unknown language. Subtitles would definitely not let you miss a single dialogue.
  • 1Movies gives you the option of downloading the content and save it to watch later without any internet connection. With this, you can add your preferred movies to your wish list. Simply save your favorite shows to watch on the weekends.
  • With the premium membership, you have the option to download unlimited content. This is quite useful if you have issues with the internet connection. Moreover, the downloading option is quite useful for those traveling and passing their time by watching their favorite shows without any internet connection.

How to remove Ads on Movies?

Most of the online streaming platforms either charge a subscription fee or get revenues through ads. 1Movies provide free content, but it comes up with a lot of ads. Likewise, platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix provide access to content only by buying monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Once you have decided to watch your favorite shows on 1Movies, we highly recommend you to buy a premium membership to enjoy watching unlimited content ad-free. Also, advertisements can be a threat to your personal data, as well. You can accidentally click on pop-ups that may cause loss of crucial data. Advertisements can also cause a virus attack on your device. The best way to avoid all this is to buy premium membership of 1Movies.

How to use 1Movies in banned countries?

There is hardly any country left where 1Movies is not functional as it is now available in most countries. However, it might be banned in some of these because of government restrictions. Well, you still don’t have to worry if you are facing the same issue.

We will let you know an alternative option by which you can access 1Movies even in banned countries. You can either visit some of the proxy websites of 1Movies or can get VPN access. You simply have to google and search for 1Movies proxy. 1movies.to series and other proxy options work. To your surprise, proxies even get updated regularly, so you can get new proxies whenever you google for the same.

Another convenient and safe option is to use a VPN service. You only have to select a country where 1Movies is available such as the UK and US. And you don’t need software also for operating VPN.in our opinion, VPN is a better and safe choice though you might face a delay in internet connection when connecting to a VPN. Moreover, there are other free options available on the internet as well.

What are the top movies available on 1Movies?

Different people have different choices when it comes to movies or web series. Some people might like romantic classics and love stores, while some like only action thrillers. But most of us would definitely like to enjoy the latest episode of the favorite shows as soon as it releases. We have listed some trending movies on 1Movies that you really don’t want to miss to get that collection.

  • 1917 – The movie comes under the war genre released in December 2019. It is one of the highest downloaded movies on 1Movies until now.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog – It is an animation movie released in February 2020. It is highly entertaining with the presence of Jim Carry, and I am sure kids should not miss the movie. And off course! 1Movies is the right platform to watch it.
  • Bloodshot- It is a fantasy and drama genre movie released in March 2020. The talented cast of Guy Pierce, Vin Diesel, and many more have made it a box-office hit this year and a must -watch movie at 1Movies.

What are the top web-series on 1Movies?

Web series have become the new trend in the entertainment industry, gaining huge popularity. We can’t deny watching some of the popular series repeatedly to engage the audience and create curiosity. We have got a list of trending web series available at 1Movies for you-

  • Money Heist Season 4- Being the most awaited series of the year, Money Heist is also available exclusively on Netflix. But 1Movies is cost-effective in comparison to Netflix to watch your favorite show with subtitles in HD quality.
  • Creepshow Season 1- This is the perfect show for those who love to watch horror series. It provides a different experience to views because of the comic vibes with horror. Halloween celebration turns into a nightmare making it one of the most trending shows on 1Movies in 2020.
  • The Walking Dead Season 10- Based on the zombie apocalypse, the series turned out to be an iconic one. The incredible action and cast of survivors make it a power-packed session to watch.

Final words

Until now, we have covered all information that you need to know about 1Movies. Still, if there are any queries left, we have FAQs in the section below to clear all your doubts. If you cannot access 1Movies, go for proxy sites or VPN, as discussed earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the option to watch free movies online?

1Movies is the best option for watching movies online. It has a huge database of movies, web series, and TV shows that you will fall in love with it.

  1. Do I need to pay anything on 1Movies?

A big NO. you don’t have to pay or subscribe 1Movies in any manner. It is the best feature of the website, which has made 1Movies so popular.

  1. Is it safe to watch movies on 1Movies?

The major part of income for 1Movies is the pop-up ads that appear on its website. Some of these ads are safe, while some are not. Users have to be very careful not to click on these ads as many of them can lead you to a malicious website and make your system malware.

  1. Is 1Movies legal?

Well, this is still questionable. It is because it is punishable to host copyrighted content. However, 1Movies mentions that they do not store files on their server. They claim that non-affiliated 3rd parties provide all the content.

  1. Is there any need for account registration in 1Movies?

No, there is no need for any registration. Simply visit the website, select the movie, and either download it or start streaming it online.

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