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Does Ring Doorbell Work Without the Internet? – Explained

Does Ring Doorbell Work Without the Internet? - Explained

In a world full of advancing technology, Ring Doorbells are the best way to create your home a smart one and protect your home.

As smart home technologies are expanding day by day, a Ring doorbell is a must. You can easily install a Ring Doorbell almost anywhere, so it is considered one of the smart home handy devices.

In this article, we have discussed all the necessary information regarding the Ring Doorbell and its functional features, and a step by step tutorial of its installation process. We have also discussed if a Ring Doorbell can be used without the Internet or not.

What is the Ring Doorbell?

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The Ring Doorbell is a multi-feature smart doorbell device that is considered one of the main components of a smart home. It acts as an intercom that allows you to communicate with your visitors and see them.

Being a doorbell, it notifies you 24/7 when someone rings the bell from the front door.

The best part about these smart appliances is that you can see who is at the door without being even present at home and can also communicate with them by using your smartphone.

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What features does Ring Doorbell Offers?

The Ring Doorbell comes equipped with the following features:

HD Camera

The Ring Doorbell comes equipped with an HD camera, which lets you view any visitor in the application to know who is at the door and why they are there. The camera is also equipped with night vision to see who is at the door at the nighttime quickly.

Two Way audio

You can also see the visitors and communicate with them with the help of Two-Way audio.

Motion Detection

You can get notified when someone is wandering near your door with its inbuilt motion sensor.

Mobile Access

You must download the application on your device, and then you can view and communicate with those who are available at the door from anywhere.

Ring Doorbell Working Models

The Ring Company provides different models of doorbells. The Ring Doorbell is a base model, while Ring Doorbell 2, made by the company, is considered an upgrade of the previous version, which includes 160 degrees of horizontal and 90 degrees of vertical vision.

Ring Doorbell Working Explained

A Ring Doorbell is attached to the wall or the main door of your house, and it needs the Wi-Fi connection to send live alerts on your smartphone. You must download the Ring app on your smartphone, and then you can view the live updates on your smartphone.

A Ring Doorbell is connected to a power source, but also it has a rechargeable battery that can be charged through the lighting cable.

It has a two-way functionality that supports both motion activation and can record the day and nighttime using infrared vision. It is also capable of sending alerts when it detects any motion within 30 feet.

The Ring App is available for all android, iOS, and Windows devices. It allows you to view the live footage in the HD quality. You can also change the alerts settings from the application itself. Your device will automatically get a notification when the Doorbell’s battery gets low.

How to Install a Ring Doorbell?

Does Ring Doorbell Work Without the Internet? - Explained

To install the Ring Doorbell successfully, you must follow this step by step tutorial:

Step 1: Gather necessary Tools – Firstly, you must gather different equipment required for the installation process, including a screwdriver set along with the screws and the instruction manual. It would be best if you also had a drill because you must fix your Doorbell on a wall or door itself.

Step 2: Charge the battery of the Doorbell – After unboxing the Ring Doorbell, you must plug the battery to the power source using the charging cable, which is included in the box. A red and green light is there in the Doorbell, which indicates that the Doorbell is charging. The charging process can take up to 4-6 hours, so you must be patient until the battery is fully charged. Greenlight starts to blink when the battery is fully charged.

Step 3: Connect to the Internet – Now, you must connect your Ring Doorbell to the Wi-Fi network and download the mobile application of the Doorbell. The app itself provides you the necessary information related to the setup process, and it takes 9-10 minutes to all setup and gets connected.

Step 4: Shut the Power off – For some safety reasons, you must shut down all your home’s power supply

Step 5: Mount Ring Doorbells – You must find a perfect place to position your Doorbell. To mount the Doorbell, you must use a little bit of force and press it on to the place until it gets stuck.

Step 6: Restore the Power – Now, it is time to restore the power supply. You must go ahead and test out whether everything is working correctly or not. If everything is fitted and working correctly, then it is time to fix the screws to the faceplate of the Doorbell.

Step 7: Set App Preferences – Your installation process is completed successfully. Now you can use your Ring Application to try out the different features and set your preferences, such as the minimum distance of motion sensor alert—night Vision on/off, etc.

Note: Before installing your Doorbell, make sure that you download the app and set up your Ring doorbell account first.

Does Ring Doorbell work without the Internet?

The answer is No this time; to access the smart Doorbell smart features, you need a reliable internet connection.

Without a proper internet connection, you cannot share vital information from the Doorbell like the streaming features and other push notifications. The remote-control feature also requires an Internet connection.

When the Ring Doorbell is connected to the Internet, you can see all the live footage from the connected server in your mobile application because the Ring app is connected to the same server in which your video doorbell device is connected. Through this server, you can communicate and view the live footage.

If you do not have an internet connection, then it is impossible to connect the Doorbell to any server, and you will not be able to control it with your smartphone device.

You can still use your Ring Doorbell without the Internet in a traditional manner, like to hear the ding sound when someone is approached at the door.


As we have discussed above, you need a stable internet connection for the working of Ring Doorbell. All the remote control and live streaming features are available only when the Doorbell is connected to the Internet.

In this article, we have discussed all the brief information regarding the ring doorbell and its features and Installation process. I hope you have understood all the necessary information regarding these topics.

If you find this article useful, do not forget to share it once, and if you have any doubts/questions regarding the topic, do not forget to paste it in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve all your queries.

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