Kitchen renovations are an excellent way of upgrading your domestic life, one where heavy demands match high rewards.

In an expertly designed space, preparing meals is both more pleasant and efficient. And with some inspired aesthetic choices, you’ll be left with a room that’s both functional and beautiful.

But with various appliances, storage space and such unmovable obstacles as granite countertops to contend with, implementing a grand design requires a lot more thought than one might expect. Let’s look at five kitchen renovation mistakes, and how you can avoid making them.

Not making a plan

Some kitchen renovations provide the freedom to make mistakes and experiment at your leisure. Your cabinet doesn’t quite suit that corner of the room – move it elsewhere. Those curtains don’t quite block the light – have them returned.

Your beautiful 600-pound granite countertop, however, doesn’t budge that easily. Planning is absolutely crucial and will help keep your budget down.

Failing to consider workflow

There’s another benefit to planning – improving workflow. Here you may have to weigh up aesthetic sensibilities with function in the kitchen. Beauty isn’t worth the price of a renovation if it doesn’t lead to smooth meal prep.

Anything you need fast while cooking – a cabinet for pots and pans, a rack for oils and spices – naturally go by the cooking area. An easily accessible place to put hot dishes is also a must.

Not checking your lines

Electricity, gas and water. Your lines have likely stayed in the same place since your house was built, and if you can’t manage the expense of having them moved, your appliances will ultimately be anchored to them.

Make sure to incorporate their position into the design. Don’t forget about sockets as well, there’s both accessibility and safety to consider here – long trailing wires to connect appliances may be a hazard.

Choosing the wrong type of storage

A kitchen with good storage is an efficient kitchen. Some things are best left directly accessible, but others will fill up space and get in the way. So we’d recommend a liberal amount of storage space, with pull-outs for utensils, large, shelved sections for pantry ingredients, and lazy Susans for things needed in a pinch.

Not setting a budget

You should absolutely set a budget for any renovation project. But with kitchen renovation – with so many elements to consider – this is more vital than ever. Small costs can add up, so factor anything and everything into your budget, no matter how minor it seems.

And of course – research! The first option may not always be the best – and even if it turns out to be, check elsewhere for a better deal. Make sure to take into account the cost of delivery as well as installation – one item may be cheaper upfront, but with a substantial delivery fee.

Those are five kitchen renovation mistakes well worth avoiding, so to summarise: make a plan, set a budget, consider the restrictions of your existing space, design with workflow in mind, and don’t skimp on storage. Have fun putting together a beautiful kitchen!


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