5 Things You Can Accomplish With a Kubota

5 Things You Can Accomplish With a Kubota

If you’ve never used a Kubota tractor, you’re in for a treat. They’re built to work as hard as an ox but have an extremely comfortable cab that won’t make your legs and back hurt when you’re done.

With a Kubota, you can do just about anything, including landscaping, farming, grading, and pulling. They’re sturdy, powerful, and reliable enough to support just about any need you may have, provided you have an ample supply of Kubota attachments.

Here are just some of the tasks you can accomplish with a Kubota.

1. Clearing Snow

Clearing Snow

If you live in the city, you probably don’t have to worry much about removing much snow. Most cities provide snow removal services for main roads, so you only have to worry about your own driveway and the sidewalk. However, if you’re further out in a rural area, you probably have to deal with a fair amount of snow.

In rural areas, driveways tend to be longer and there are often backroads that don’t get plowed by the city. This means it’s all on you if you want to go into town for any reason, including to get to work or go grocery shopping.

With a snow shovel attachment, a Kubota makes an excellent snow plow. You can push the snow, pile it off to the side, or pick it up and haul it elsewhere. It’s much easier and safer than shoveling snow by hand, and it’s a requirement in some areas where manual snow removal isn’t feasible.

2. Clearing Dirt and Rocks

Clearing Dirt and Rocks

Whether you’re digging a trench or just trying to do some basic landscaping, a Kubota makes clearing dirt and rocks easy. They’re powerful enough to dig deep while breaking those big, stubborn rocks loose.

You can use a Kubota to scoop and dump, which makes tearing up roads, driveways, and other areas a breeze. If you’re planning on installing a new electrical line on your property, you might have to dig your own trench, and although you can hire someone, it will be much cheaper with a Kubota.

3. Repairing Gravel Roads

Repairing Gravel Roads

A Kubota is the perfect piece of equipment for repairing potholes and grading a gravel or dirt road. If you live in the country or any area where you have to maintain a gravel road yourself, having a Kubota tractor is a must.

Potholes are pretty easy to repair. All you need is a bucket to transport the gravel and a box blade attachment to scrape it flat. Although, sometimes people use their bucket attachment to scrape newly filled potholes flat to save time, and this usually works. However, you’ll need a blade to properly grade a gravel road.

Once you spread the gravel or recycled asphalt material, and optionally compact it into the ground with a roller, you can use your blade attachment to grade it properly so that you get that nice hump in the middle designed to channel the water outward and prevent pooling in the middle of the road.

4. Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the Lawn

It’s probably not worth the money to buy a Kubota just to mow your lawn. However, if you have other uses for a tractor, you definitely need a mower attachment. A Kubota will make it easy to mow a large area of grass in a short period of time. It’s much faster than using a standard gas or electric mower, and if you already have a Kubota, it will cut down on the different pieces of equipment you have to maintain.

5. Towing


If need to tow something from one side of your property to the other, like an RV or a boat, just use your Kubota. It’s powerful enough to get the job done as long as you know your limits. For instance, you never want to tow more than 50% of the tractor’s weight, and you don’t want to tow something over muddy or uneven terrain. It’s also important that you have all-wheel drive and good tires, and use the drawbar and not the 3-point hitch.

When you buy a Kubota, the user manual will tell you exactly how much weight it can safely tow on your drawbar.

Kubotas are The Ultimate Piece of Equipment

Who knew you could do so much with a tractor? If you don’t currently own a Kubota, now you have some of the best reasons to get one. Whether you need to pull, dump, grade, or haul, a Kubota tractor can do it all!

Daniel Martinez
With a robust background in mechanical engineering and a degree from MIT, Daniel Martinez has dedicated over two decades to the automotive and transport sectors. He holds a Master's in Automotive Engineering from the University of Michigan too. He started as a mechanic, gaining hands-on experience that enriches his writing with practical insights. In his downtime, Daniel enjoys mountain biking and exploring the great outdoors. His hobbies include classic car restoration and participating in local motorsport events.

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