Benefits of Newcastle Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a fibrous silicate mineral that occurs naturally and is resistant to heat and chemical reactions. Because of its resilience and fireproof features, this substance was a very popular additive in many products. However, it has been noted that exposure to this substance is dangerous to health as it causes some forms of cancer, amongst them being mesothelioma.

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Due to the health risk that this substance portends, there are government regulations against the use of this substance in any product. In Australia in particular, the use of this material was banned in the late 1980s. However, in cities such as Newcastle, houses that were built before 1990 may contain Asbestos. The following are areas were this substance may be found in a building:-

  1. Roofs
  2. Tiles and backing
  3. Guttering
  4. Fibro sheeting
  5. Flue pipes and drainage
  6. Fences
  7. Garden edging

The above therefore means that most houses that were built before 1990 may need renovation to remove ACMs (Asbestos-containing Materials). However, there are procedures that must be followed to ensure safe removal of this material. These procedures and the advantages of asbestos removal are issues that will be discussed in this article.

The Broader Advantages of Commercial Asbestos Abatement in Newcastle

Asbestos abatement is the process through which the release of asbestos fibres is controlled during the removal, repair or encapsulation of ACMs. There are many advantages of commercial asbestos abatement in Newcastle and they include the following:

Safety and Wellbeing of Site Workers and Occupants of the Building

Apart from obeying government regulations, abatement of this dangerous substance protects workers that are on site and also occupant s of the building and even neighbours. This is because this substance can release harmful fibres into the atmosphere during the removal process and it has been proven that these harmful organisms released can cause respiratory diseases such as mesothelioma.

The abatement process therefore helps to ensure safe removal or encapsulation of materials that contain asbestos. This in turn reduces any health risk that exposure would portend for those in the vicinity. You can read this article for more information on the subject.

Increases the Market Value of the Property

Another advantage that this process brings to the community is the enhancement of the market value of the properties on which it has been carried out. Buildings that are certified free of any ACM are more appealing to tenants and buyers. This is because they carry a maintenance burden and are therefore lower liability properties. This in turn can lead to increase in the market value and also higher income from rentals.

Protects the Environment

Most human activities that involve the use of chemicals and mineral resources emit greenhouse gases which harm the environment. Thankfully, the process of safely removing asbestos contributes to the reduction of the release of the harmful microorganisms in them into the environment. This further leads to the prevention of pollution and further damage to the environment. Issues such as water and soil contamination are greatly reduced through this process of asbestos abatement.

Portrays an Organization as Ethical

When an organization carries out commercial asbestos abatement, it shows a sense of corporate social responsibility which demonstrates to the community that such a brand is committed to ethical business practises. Such a showcase of dedication to the wellbeing of their employees and the community at large is sure to endear a brand to the populace.

This in turn can lead to brand loyalty which most definitely translates to more business success for the enterprise.

Reducing Environmental Impact through Responsible Asbestos Management C:\Users\Chisom\Downloads\MESO_Handling-Asbestos_featured_image.jpg

Responsible management of this dangerous substance that we have been discussing is a very vital aspect of property maintenance and sustainable construction. Asbestos as we all know is a hazardous mineral that was used in construction world over until it was banned. However, we are aware that this substance is still present in many buildings and properties and that is why there is need for responsible management.

Below are some ways that this can happen and the benefits thereof:

Prevent the Release of Asbestos

It behoves every organization but especially those in construction to identify and remove or contain asbestos- containing materials also known as ACMs in order to stop the release of the harmful fibres it contains into the atmosphere. This helps to minimize the risks of contamination of water and soil. Additionally, the environment is safeguarded by the reduction of air pollution.

Safe Disposal

It is very important that ACMs are properly disposed and thankfully, there are companies that are certified to do that. Companies that are certified for asbestos removal Newcastle follow strict guidelines for removal, transporting and disposal of ACM waste in approved facilities. This stops these wastes from getting into landfills in the city and ensures minimal impact on the environment.

Conserve Resources

Responsible management of ACMs involves encapsulation techniques that help to preserve the original building materials. This minimizes the need for wide-scale replacements or renovations, which in turn saves resources. Additionally, when the need for extensive renovations is reduced, there will be less impact on the environment from construction activities.


When asbestos is responsibly managed, there is proper documentation and monitoring of all ACMs. This helps to reduce the risks of unexpected issues relating to these materials in the course of demolitions or renovations. This is a proactive approach that enhances the long-term sustainability of infrastructure and buildings.

Responsible management of this substance ensures that ACMs are properly documented and monitored, reducing the risk of unexpected asbestos-related issues during renovations or demolitions. This proactive approach contributes to the long-term sustainability of buildings and infrastructure.


It is a foregone conclusion that asbestos is a dangerous substance, and that is why it has been banned in many countries. Responsible organizations in Newcastle have either undertaken the removal of ACMs or are in the process.

In this article, we have discussed the advantages of ACM removal and the economic and environmental benefits. We believe the information shared here has been educative and will help you make the right decisions about ACMs going forward.


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